Monday, 16 October 2017

Teaching as Inquiry - Graeme Aitken

Today as part of our Leaders PLG we had the honour of listening one of NZ's godfather of Teaching as Inquiry - Graeme Aitken! I was blown away by his passion and knowledge. Here are just a few of my notes from this session:

Collaborative Inquiry - An approach to teaching

Often teaching is only about adjusting the learners rather than adjusting my teaching.

Goals as a teacher:
Creating interest, creating confidence, creating achievement
  • Bigger evidence of raising achievement
  • Less focus on creating interest and joy

To do this we need to:
1. Take stock: add to the data we have of achievement
  • Current state
  • Student experience 
  • Data story: tools to help with this
How to do this:
  • Scan
    • Can you describe what you are learning and why?
    • Where are you going with your learning?
    • Name two adults in this school who believe that you can achieve
    • NZCER me and my class
    • ERO well being survey

2. Focus on the solution

  • Defining the problem
  • Create focus
  • Add the correct next steps to help solve the problem - create the write strategy to solve the problem
  • Could be measuring the wrong thing??
  • Our best guesses about a fix, then test it. What do we need to learn to aid our best guess?

3. Take action

  • Test hunches
  • Share successes, failures and improvements
  • Discuss whether or not we have made enough of a difference
    • This can only happen with trust…
  • Got to think about incremental improvements
    • It's ok, to make mistakes but not ok to keep on making mistakes

4. Maintain momentum

  • How do we spread these ideas
  • How do we get other teachers/classes to do the same?

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