Wednesday, 20 February 2019

My Inquiry for 2019 - Digital Literacy

How to use digital affordances to stream line my work flow as a teacher.

Here at Pt England School we talk a lot about making use of the affordances that the technology that we have at our fingertips provides us to better enhance the learning for our kids. Our challenge always is to make sure we are designing learning in such a way that would be impossible when only using pencil and paper. In other words how far can we push out the waka?

I think we do a good job of this. Our teachers work hard on this and are always developing new and improved ways to deliver and teach content to their children in exciting ways that is taking full advantage of the technology at their disposal. However, I wonder if in their own work that they are missing out on some key advantages that come with being digital.

Are teachers fully making use of the affordances that technology offers in their day to day work? This could include data gathering and analysis, planning, organising of their calendars, use of Google apps, etc.

This year I want to inquire into 'How to use digital affordances to stream line my work flow as a teacher'. I would love for my blog to be a place where I can share ideas for stream lining a teacher's work flow by introducing and teaching new or improved ways of doing things - digitally.