Thursday, 20 June 2019

DMIC PD 4 - Part 1:

Today we took part in DMIC PD session 4 (part 1) with Don Biltcliff. Below are some notes of this session - thanks Kiriwai!



Take a leap of faith with problems given to kids, need to believe in what the kids can do - whether they get it right or wrong is not as important  as seeing what the kids can do - step back from pre-teaching

Go for harder problems/to push kids thinking  - this forces kids to use different strategies that may not be evident with ‘easier’ problems

Thinking like a Mathematician - moving past computational aspect of solving maths problems
  • making connections with ideas

If Ss will not grow if always being shown what to do -  Ss benefit if they work on problems that they have not been shown how to solve and need to explain to others their own strategies

Think about your Tasks:
Are the tasks you use:
  • open-ended? require complex problem solving?
  • have multiple entry points? have multiple opportunities for Ss to demonstrate intellectual competence?
  • require positive interdependence (working together)? fostering individual accountability?

Group worthy tasks

Culturally Responsive Tasks

  • Ss should not be grappling with both difficult numbers and unfamiliar contexts
  • should be grappling with difficult numbers/familiar context OR difficult context/more familiar numbers

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Google Spreadsheets: Creating Your Own Formula

There have been a few times now that I have wanted to do something in Google spreadsheets that I know exist in Excel. However, that functionality doesn't exist yet in Google. So my answer....make it yourself.

I have found that there are thousands of people worldwide who are creating cool scripts and formulas to upgrade the functionality and use-ability of Google Spreadsheets - so Google it and find their awesomeness!

Watch the following 'How To' to show you how you can create your own formula for Google Spreadsheets and how I use a particular formular that I love: 'Count Coloured Cells'.