Thursday, 19 October 2017

Maths PLD with Jo Knox

We have just finished another maths PLD session with Jo Knox.

Here are some of my reflections on this session:

  • Is IKAN a worth while assessment without some changes made to how you administer the test? We have found that the pressure of the test - the speed of the test, someone reading it out, etc - stops children from being able to show what they can actually do. We have trialled a few different ideas with changing how it is administered. For example, slowing the speed of the test down, giving children the opportunity to choose one or two questions to change after they have completed (but before marking). I think with these changes we might see better results as the children will be more comfortable.
  • Aligning the NZ Framework and NZC was a highly valuable task for our teachers. The numeracy project has unfortunately given teacher an unhealthy reliance on stages of maths rather than the knowledge of maths. Consequently I think teachers have lost some of their knowledge of the curriculum and are therefore not as equipped to led mathematical conversations with children. 
  • Gloss - is this an assessment of the past? I think it might be from the mainstream of assessment as all it's looking at is the strategy use of the children - not their understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Lastly, I feel as though we need to get a better understanding of an effective teaching cycle and what that can look like in the classroom. 

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