Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Teacher Inquiry 2015

How can Year 5 and 6 students use iPads for higher order thinking in creating tasks?

This year I am teaching in a year 5 and 6 modern learning environment with 1-to-1 devices. When reflecting on my practice from last year I want to increase the cognitive value that my students gain from their independent creative tasks. I found that last year more emphasis was put on 'how to create the digital learning object' rather than showcasing the learning in the digital learning object. 

So, this year the focus for my inquiry is setting a range of digital creation tasks to facilitate higher order thinking. I have decided to start with reading tasks and look at using the app Explain Everything. I am keen to find out:

  • What kinds of tasks facilitates higher order thinking?
  • How might these tasks differ from lower achieving students through to higher achieving students?
  • Can I use SOLO and Explain Everything together to ensure that the tasks I set are in fact higher order thinking?

1 comment:

  1. Yep, I agree this is well worth figuring out. My kids are the same re DLO's having low level learning being shown. I know there is a lot of higher order thinking and work within the key competencies when producing a DLO, but it doesn't show in the final product for the vast majority produced. Good luck.