Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Google Spreadsheet: Data Gathering and Analysis using VLOOKUP

As part of my inquiry into teaching this year I have been looking into ways to streamline my recording and keeping of data. I wanted to find a way that would enable me to not only assess more often but also to analysis data more efficiently. I have a lot of the data already, but it was just time consuming to analyse this.

This lead me to look at using the full features of spreadsheets. After talking with Ben Baxendine and a few other people who are proficient with spreadsheets I came up with a solution. By using a simple VLOOKUP formula I have been able to set up each sheet to go looking for data for me. There is no more need to copy and paste a whole lot of information anymore!

Check out the below screencast of me explaining the setup of my OTJ spreadsheet and how this has streamlined my data gathering and analysis.

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